Rolling Hills Dentistry Recognized by CreoDent for Successful Smile Makeover

When it comes to esthetic dentistry, nothing brings a dentist more enthusiasm than helping a patient create a new, beautiful, and fully confident smile. CreoDent has earned the reputation as one of the best dental laboratories in New York City by consistently providing patients with successful treatment. The CredoDent laboratory technicians have over 30 years of industry experience that equips their entire team to handle complex cases.

Recently, CredoDent has requested to feature one of Dr. Winokur's cases in their marketing due to the success he was able to achieve with a patient who was very unhappy with her smile. The patient was a female whose chief complaints were that she did not like the space between her front teeth and that her teeth were beginning to shift. The patient was very self-conscious about her smile, and she came into Rolling Hills Dentistry looking for options to achieve a smile that she felt good about.

Dr. Winokur performed a thorough evaluation and consultation with the patient to determine the best strategies for achieving her goal. The patient originally envisioned traditional orthodontics to straighten her teeth and close the front gap, but she was not a good candidate for this option because her #8 front left incisor had too much bone loss and mobility to save, thus requiring extraction. It was decided that a bridge would be used to fill the gap of the extracted tooth and to create more optimal esthetics with a high smile line. The dental bridge also worked as a stabilizing feature that will prevent the other teeth from shifting out of line.

The CreoDent laboratory fabricated a customized provisional with an ovate pontic in the #8 position, and it was temporarily placed. The patient was very happy with the esthetics, and our practice proceeded with the final crown and bridge. Once the final crown and bridge were permanently placed and cemented to the natural teeth, the patient was overjoyed with her results. As a woman who came in feeling embarrassed and self-conscious about her smile, she is now proud to show off her new smile to everyone. Her husband now calls her the "Selfie Queen" because of how often she smiles and how proud she is to capture her new smile in pictures!

Dr. Winokur and The Rolling Hills Dentistry team is proud to have this successful case featured by CredoDent. We offer the same personalized and exceptional treatment to all our patients. Please contact our practice today to learn more about smile makeovers and the cosmetic dental treatment that can restore your smile and your confidence.

Posted on behalf of Rolling Hills Dentistry