Dental Bridges

Are you embarrassed when you smile or talk because you are missing a tooth? Losing a front tooth can hinder your confidence in social or professional interactions, making you hide your teeth behind closed lips. At Rolling Hills Dentistry, we offer several solutions for tooth restoration, including dental bridges. You can have a complete, beautiful smile again and regain your self-confidence with cosmetic dentistry.

Dental bridges are a permanent solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. There are several different types of bridges, but the most common use the existing teeth to support bridgework that holds an artificial tooth or teeth in place. For example, if one of your front teeth is missing, dental crowns can be placed on the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The crowns are attached to metal bridgework behind the teeth that secures an artificial tooth to replace your missing front tooth. The new tooth looks natural and is functional for chewing, making it an excellent option to replace a missing tooth.

Is a dental bridge right for you?

Dental bridges are an affordable option to replace one or two missing teeth, usually in the front of the mouth. Unlike partial dentures, they are secured in place so the artificial tooth will not move or slip when you talk or eat. Most people are good candidates for dental bridges if they have a missing front tooth, but they must have teeth that can be used as anchors to attach the bridgework.

At Rolling Hills Dentistry, we are restorative experts and have many options to replace teeth that have been lost to disease or trauma. Dental implants are the premium option, but not everyone is a good candidate for implants or can afford the expense. Dental bridges are often the best choice when an implant is not possible, offering a permanent solution that will give you back a complete smile and your confidence. Contact our office in Danbury today to schedule an appointment and find out if dental bridges are right for you.

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