Treatment for Gum Disease

The health of your gums is as important as protecting your teeth. The gums are susceptible to gum disease which can lead to infection, bone and tooth loss, and a higher risk for serious health conditions like stroke or type 2 diabetes. Gum disease can be prevented and treated at Rolling Hills Dentistry, your source for quality dental care in Danbury.

Gum disease starts essentially as an irritation and infection of the gum tissue. Treatment includes removing the source of irritation and infection while medicating the gums to improve healing. At the early stages, treatment with deep cleanings and medication can reverse this disease; later stages of gum or periodontal disease may require more invasive approaches, including surgery.

Symptoms and causes of Gum Disease

Gum disease starts from hygiene issues. If bacteria are not cleaned effectively from the teeth, they form plaque that can harden into tartar. This calculus irritates the gums, causing them to become red and swollen, leading to infection. The first symptoms of gum disease or gingivitis include swollen, red or bleeding gums that can be tender. If caught in these early stages, gum disease can be easily treated with deep cleanings, home care and medications to stop infection.

Gum disease is a progressive disease. The further it progresses, the more damage it can cause to your oral and overall health. Keeping up with regular checkups and cleanings is one of the best preventions against gum disease. However, if you already have gum disease, seeking immediate treatment can stop the progression and often lead to reversal of the symptoms.

Gum or periodontal disease can be serious and put your smile and health at risk. For preventive and proactive treatments, contact our office today to schedule your next cleaning and checkup at Rolling Hills Dentistry in Danbury. Many different dental plans are accepted and we offer payment options.

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