Nightguards for Bruxism - Teeth Grinding

Have you been told you grind your teeth while you sleep? Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a common problem that can damage your teeth, annoy your sleeping partner and cause other health issues. At Rolling Hills Dentistry, we want to help you protect your smile and get relief from bruxism. We offer general dentistry treatment in the form of customized nightguards that can protect your teeth and relieve other symptoms of nocturnal teeth grinding or clenching.

Bruxism covers several behaviors in relation to the jaw and teeth. It includes grinding, clenching, gritting or gnashing of the teeth, especially during sleep. Considering the muscles in your jaw are some of the strongest in the body, asserting up to 600 pounds of pressure, this can do considerable damage to your teeth and jaw. Some of the symptoms and effects of night teeth grinding or clenching include:

Causes of bruxism can be physical or emotional. High stress can be the trigger for grinding teeth, but other issues like misalignment of the bite or crooked teeth can also cause the behavior.

Treatment for Teeth Clenching

While it can be difficult to treat the action of teeth clenching or grinding while you sleep, you can protect your teeth and jaw from damage. A customized nightguard can adjust your bite alignment to stop grinding, but it also protects teeth from damage. Dr. Winokur can prescribe a customized nightguard that will be carefully fitted to your mouth to give you comfortable protection from the damage caused by nocturnal teeth grinding. As a bonus, a nightguard can also prevent snoring and help with obstruction sleep apnea.

A dental nightguard can protect your teeth and save you the pain and expense of damage to your smile. Contact Rolling Hills Dentistry today to schedule your consultation to treat your bruxism.

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