Dental Technology

Advances in dental technology can improve your dental experience and ensure you get the best care for your oral health. At Rolling Hills Dentistry, we invest in the latest dental technology to give our patients the highest level of care for their smiles. Our commitment to expedient, comfortable and quality care is part of what sets us apart from many other dental practices in the Danbury area.

New technology allows for improved efficiency in dental care services. From digital x-rays and 3D imaging for surgical procedures to dental lasers and advanced dental tools, we equip our office with technology that offers a higher level of medical care for our patients. These tools can provide us with better information regarding your oral health and help us treat your dental issues quickly and accurately for an improved dental experience.

Dental Lasers

One of the advancements in dental technology we use at Rolling Hills Dentistry is dental lasers. This technology is used when treating gum or periodontal disease, allowing for our team to remove diseased gum tissue with a less invasive approach than oral surgery. The dental laser can effectively remove tissue to help reduce periodontal pockets between the gums and teeth; laser treatment can also help stimulate bone growth to stabilize teeth. Little to no anesthesia is needed and the gums can heal quicker, often helping avoid surgery for periodontal disease.

You want the best care for you and your family’s oral health. Advanced dental technology can reduce discomfort during your visits to our office and improve the quality of care you receive. Our goal is to give our patients a more comfortable, expedient dental experience and using the latest technology helps us achieve that goal.

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CEREC® offers convenient, faster and more comfortable care to provide a range of high quality same day restorations including ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays.

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We also offer 3D ConeScans using the i-CAT we share with our neighboring office.

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